Account Protect

Use orchestrated machine learning to spot account takeovers and sign-up fraud before they damage your business—and your brand.

Account Protect

Losses across global businesses due to fraudulent account creation and account takeovers continue to rise every year. New account fraud alone has been leading the way with 89% of share and an estimated $15k loss-per-incident. As breaches around the globe give rise to new and innovative tactics, business must meet the challenge with a new approach to securing.

Vesta meets this challenge with a uniquely orchestrated approach that combines biometric evaluations with machine learning to discover and stop account fraud. With deep knowledge of a customer’s order history and patented deep-link analysis techniques, Vesta helps businesses effectively stop account takeovers (ATO) and account origination fraud.

Protect Revenue

By identifying and preventing account takeovers in real time, Vesta helps you stop unauthorized purchases and chargebacks before they happen.

Protect Your Brand

Prevent the exposure of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)—or a deeper breach—and protect your brand from damage.

Foster Trust

Vesta acts as a guardian of your accounts. See how machine learning and AI can prevent an account takeover before it does damage.

How Account Protect Works

Vesta acts as a guardian of your accounts. See how machine learning and AI can prevent an account takeover before it does damage.



Protecting your users’ accounts starts with a simple integration through REST APIs that allow Vesta to monitor, evaluate, and respond to key events in real time.



Preventing fraudulent logins begins when an attempt is made. Information about every login is sent to Vesta for evaluation, including information such as the user ID, how many failed attempts have occurred, user behavioral data, device information, and browser data.



Once Vesta has collected information about the login, activity inside of a session, or a signup attempt, it retains this data in a vast information store, where it is compared to known information about the user and similar profiles. Using advanced Account Take Over (ATO) machine learning models, this information is evaluated.



During a user session, Vesta monitors for suspicious modifications that take place, including the request to reset a password, changes to settings, linking to new bank accounts, changes to an email address, and more. The ATO engine uses machine learning to determine if these events are likely to be perpetrated by a bad actor, and if so, alerts the system to act.


Unmatched data and patented deep-link analysis detect ATO with pinpoint accuracy.


Smart user authentication controls never introduce friction.


Goes beyond monitoring logins and detects modifications during sessions.

The Vesta Difference

Account Protect goes beyond login activity and monitors major session events, providing greater accuracy than competitors. Global information is gathered to power robust and adaptive verification technology to keep your business safe.

See for yourself

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