Vesta CNP fraud protection is your new super power

With zero fraud liability for accepted CNP transactions, real-time decisioning and protection, and no chargebacks or chargeback fees, you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

How do you prevent chargeback fraud?

Instead of tightening acceptance parameters to manage chargeback fraud (which mostly stops legitimate transactions anyway) our intelligent fraud technology assesses transactions in real-time. That means stopping bad actors in their tracks while at the same time approving more good transactions.

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How do total fraud solutions work?

We gather and leverage proprietary global customer data to identify and record known sources of e-commerce fraud. We then apply our patented fraud technology to identify emerging threats and maximize merchant revenue and security.

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What are the benefits to seamless CNP transactions?

Vesta eliminates CNP fraud liability and chargeback fraud —significantly reducing the costs associated with bad transactions while increasing good transactions (and revenue).

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