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Increasing acceptance through
multi-layer fraud protection

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vSafe’s proprietary modeling technology leverages decades of global consortium data to secure merchants from unforeseen threats.

Hisorical Transactions Big Data Data Tools Fraud Tools
  • Profiling
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Geolocation
  • Customer Behavior
  • Third-Party Data
  • Social Media Profiling
  • Link Analysis
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Decision Rules
  • Fraud Pattern Detection

Vesta continually monitors global fraud patterns and trends across clients and industries to identify and stop rapidly evolving threats. Our patented risk management platform builds upon “industry standard” tools by adding analyses of proprietary consortium data from multiple verticals to preempt attacks by sophisticated fraud rings.

Vesta’s data-driven approach to eliminating fraud includes:

  • Expertise in risk, fraud and analytics in the e-commerce space
  • Experienced data scientists build models that optimize in real-time order acceptance rate and fraud detection
  • Unique, advanced link analysis developed to avoid erroneous linkage
  • Data advantages driven by the largest database of CNP transactions, attack profiles, and consumer behaviors in the industry
  • Rich historical data and signature patterns of one half-million fraudulent networks enable us to detect ongoing fraudulent attacks effectively
  • Brute Force Anomaly Detection produces additional data points that are continually mapped into our models

Fraud Features

  • Continually updated by automated and hands-on, real-time data collection, monitoring and analysis
  • Integrated rules-based and machine-learning technology focuses on recognizing CNP fraud behavioral patterns
  • Scalable data decisioning platform
  • Mature and proven transaction framework supports complex computation and deep link analysis

Real-Time Risk Decisioning Technology

- Web browsing patterns
- Behavioral analytics
- Historical usage patterns

- IP address location
- ISP location
- Cell phone location

- Intelligent profiling
- Device and network
- Interrogation

- Issuing bank location
- Fraud networks
- Anomaly detection

- Billing address location
- Time zone
- Language

- Proxy piercing
- ISP details
- Device tracking
- Deep-link analysis

vSafe’s patented fraud detection technology examines over 600 data points per transaction in a fraction of a second to deliver the industry’s most advanced detection solution. Integrated directly into the payments flow, Vesta reduces friction through instant decisioning and acceptance to create a superior customer experience.

Real-Time Tokenization and PCI Protection

Customer submits payment

Vesta instantly tokenizes card
number, delivers to merchant

Merchant adds token to customer
transaction data, sends to Vesta

Vesta changes token to card number,
transmits to acquirer

Acquirer sends transaction
data to card issuer

Card issuer
approves transaction

Vesta sends to
merchant to fulfill

The merchant never touches, transmits, or stores sensitive customer card data — significantly reducing risk and the burdens of PCI management and compliance.

Global Clients

For over two decades, Vesta has guaranteed payments and prevented fraud for the world’s largest consumer brands.