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Maximizing Revenue and Eliminating Fraud for E-Commerce Merchants

Designed to increase conversion and acceptance while completely eliminating fraud, Vesta’s vGuaranteed™ payment solution offers online merchants an entirely new solution to the risk of Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions of digital goods. vGuaranteed delivers zero chargebacks, fines and fees to provide a steady, predictable, and increased revenue stream. Powered by the proprietary fraud management technology of Vesta’s vSafe™ payments platform, vGuaranteed lowers the number of declines, eliminates fraud and increases conversion while streamlining operations and lowering costs.

Key Features

  • The industry’s only managed solution for web-enabled CNP transactions
  • Leverages Vesta’s real-time fraud protection to recognize fraud as it happens, not after it has occurred
  • 100% guaranteed payments for accepted transactions
  • Zero chargebacks, fines or decline fees
  • Integrated design removes the need for managing multiple third-party tools, in-house fraud teams, and manual reviews
  • Simple API integration enables deployment in weeks, not months
  • Standardized pricing includes processing, tokenization, gateway and network fees, and fraud services
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