Vesta’s vSafe Payment Gateway Eliminates Fraud for E-Commerce Merchants

Atlanta, GA — April 22, 2014 — Vesta Corporation, a leader in mobile payment solutions, today announced the launch of vSafe, a new payment gateway that eliminates the cost of transaction fraud for e-commerce and m-commerce merchants. Leveraging Vesta’s proprietary and patented fraud technology modeled on over one billion electronic payments, vSafe evaluates orders using business-specific models that maximize real-time transaction acceptance and isolate merchants from transaction fraud. In addition, the quick-to-deploy API features full-service global payment capabilities and data protection features designed to significantly reduce PCI compliance requirements.

The rapid shift from traditional brick and mortar to online and mobile purchases has been a boon for e-commerce merchants, but this shift has also increased the exposure to risk for both merchants and consumers. With increases in online transaction fraud and data breaches, there is heightened concern around how merchants can maximize the number of “good” transactions accepted, while protecting themselves and their customers from risk. Vesta’s vSafe gateway leverages expertise born out of over 15 years of firsthand experience in electronic payments in order to protect merchants from transaction fraud.

“vSafe is a perfect solution for merchants in higher risk categories like digital goods and services, and for smaller merchants that don’t have the internal resources to deal with fraud and chargebacks,” said Kevin Sprake, senior vice president and general manager for Vesta Corporation. “vSafe is backed by Vesta’s powerful fraud detection capabilities and decades of experience combatting fraud for some of the biggest brands in the world.”

InComm, an industry leader in prepaid card and transaction technologies, is one of Vesta’s first customers to take advantage of vSafe’s cutting edge fraud deterrence technology. InComm utilizes the vSafe gateway to power payment portals for many of its major clients.

“vSafe is helping InComm’s merchant partners increase revenue and mitigate the risk of fraud at the same time,” said Mike Fletcher, InComm’s general manager of digital solutions. “Vesta’s technology is helping us deliver on our goal to provide consumers worldwide with a simple, reliable shopping experience.”

About Vesta Corporation
Vesta Corporation is a leading provider of innovative payment and analytics services for the world’s largest consumer brands. Vesta has processed over one billion electronic payments for products and services through operation centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Vesta’s broad range of payment channels, best-in-class fraud management, PCI-compliant data security, and robust customer intelligence have increased revenue and reduced costs for brands including AT&T, NetSpend, T-Mobile USA, China Telecom, InComm, Sprint, Vodafone, Green Dot, and Telcel.

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