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White Papers

The Impact of Fraud and Chargeback Management on Operations

This 2015 report presents the results of a Javelin study that investigated the cost of fraud and chargebacks on merchants. Sponsored by Vesta, the research discovered that nearly 3 in 4 merchants dealing in both digital and physical goods say fraud and chargebacks have a major financial impact, accounting for 13 to 20 percent of their operational budgets each year.

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Fast Fraud and Merchants: How to Stop Your Next Biggest Threat.

Download Vesta’s fast fraud white paper and learn why traditional prevention measures can’t protect CNP payments from fraud. See the steps e-commerce merchants can take to shield their business, their data, and their customers from fraudsters.

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Remote Payments Drive Near-Term M-Commerce Revenue Opportunity for Mobile Operators

Compiled by Informa Telecoms & Media, this 2011 report highlights the significant revenue opportunity that m-commerce services present to mobile operators. The white paper also reveals how a suite of m-commerce services will help operators counter the NFC market initiative, increase customer stickiness and drive long-term incremental revenues.

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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and Mobile Operators: Trends and Implications

Vesta invited 16 wireless operators in the U.S. and Europe to participate in a survey addressing the relationship between mobile operators and PCI DSS compliance for electronic payments…

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Case Studies

InComm Case Study

See how Vesta’s fraud indemnified payments solution helped maximize InComm merchant services…

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Vodafone Ireland Case Study

See how Vesta helped Vodafone Ireland reduce channel costs, optimise top up channels and improve the customer top up experience…

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Boost Case Study

See how Vesta helped Boost Mobile improve refill payment services…

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eMobile Case Study

See how Vesta helped eMobile grow revenue and reduce cost through the addition of new auto top up functionality…

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O2 Ireland Case Study

See how Vesta helped Telefonica O2 Ireland grow revenue and reduce cost through consolidating direct top up channels…

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Yoigo Case Study

See how Vesta helped Yoigo grow revenue and reduce cost through the addition of new direct recharge channels…

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