Vesta Powers Vodafone Netherlands’ ‘Top-up Everywhere’ Suite

Industry-leading Mobile Payment Platform delivers convenient payment channels and PCI compliance for prepaid and postpaid customer card data.

Dublin, Ireland – 06 February 2012 – Vesta Corporation, a global leader in electronic payment solutions, today announced that Vodafone Netherlands’ (VFNL) ‘Overal Opwaarderen, Top-up Everywhere’ top-up suite is now powered by Vesta’s industry-leading Mobile Payment Platform. In addition to enabling a wide variety of top-up channels and features for prepaid customers, the fully outsourced payment service removes all Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance obligations to the operator for both prepaid and postpaid customer data.

“Vesta’s payment service increases convenience for Vodafone Netherlands customers and maximizes the number of good transactions for Vodafone,” said Richard Hanlon, Vesta Vice President, European Operations. “And with Vesta tokenization, Vodafone Netherlands is assured that the safety and integrity of all cardholder data is maintained per the very latest PCI requirements.”

Vesta’s Mobile Payment Platform enables top-ups through Vodafone-branded live operator, IVR, Web, and SMS payment channels. The platform also provides new features including automated scheduled top-up (which allows a customer to specify a recurring date), gift top-up, and the ability to store multiple payment cards on an account. Supported payment devices include iDEAL Top up, direct debit, and international credit cards.

With Vesta’s tokenization service, Vodafone customer credit card numbers are replaced with a random value unique to that customer information record. The service achieves the highest level of card data security recognized by the payment card networks and removes the need for the operator to implement encryption or concern itself with PCI compliance. In addition, Vesta’s payment service fully indemnifies Vodafone from the risk of fraudulent transactions.

“The security of a customer’s personal information has never been more important than today,” said Hanlon. “With Vesta, Vodafone Netherlands is ensuring the utmost e-data security for both prepaid and postpaid customers.”

About Vesta Corporation
Headquartered in North America, with operations in Europe and China, Vesta has been a pioneer and worldwide leader in electronic payment solutions since 1995. Vesta has established long-term, successful relationships with leading telecommunications and financial companies including AT& T, China Mobile, China Telecom, Cricket Communications, Digicel, O2 (Telefonica), Sprint, T-Mobile USA, Telcel, Verizon, Vodafone, Bank of China, Bank of Ireland, Chase Paymentech, Green Dot, and NetSpend.

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