Fraud Prevention + Gateway

Simplify Merchant Operations

Vesta's Guaranteed Gateway pairs proven fraud prevention and e-commerce payment processing for a comprehensive solution that dramatically simplifies merchant operations through a single point of integration.

Unequalled Protection, Performance and Value

Guaranteed Gateway delivers full security through tokenization and point-to-point encryption for CNP transactions. The solution fulfills all payments needs including financial settlement, refund processing and chargeback management, while protecting merchant funds from fraud. In addition, the gateway includes global support for multi-currency transactions via a broad array of payment partners.

Fraud prevention for card not present transactions

Features & Technologies

Proven to Maximize Revenue

Guaranteed Payments

Payment transactions

100% guaranteed payments for accepted transactions.

No chargback fines or fees

Zero chargebacks

Zero chargebacks, fines or fees related to third-party fraud and unauthorized charges.

Fraud protection with our risk database

Risk Database

Leverages Vesta's proprietary risk database to deliver real-time fraud decisioning and protection.

additional fraud protection features

Additional Features

Includes financial settlement, refund processing and chargeback management

We eliminate fraud and protect your revenue so you can focus on your business. Request a demo to learn how.