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No matter what fraud or acquiring challenges you face, Vesta has a solution to meet your needs. From guaranteed payments on e‑commerce transactions to payment gateways or a fully-integrated acquiring and fraud solution, we offer the most comprehensive solution set available to merchants today.

The result: Solutions that eliminate fraud costs by guaranteeing funds on all accepted transactions. With unlimited scalability that grows along with your business, Vesta also helps merchants lower operational expenses, reduce head count and improve performance.

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Vesta's Guaranteed Payments is the industry's leading solution that protects merchants' CNP transactions by eliminating fraud and chargeback risk.

This core solution offers complete visibility with real‑time, comprehensive reporting and easy integration through drop‑in SDKs.

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Vesta's Industry Leading Guaranteed Payments
Secure payment processing with Vesta's Guaranteed Gateway


Vesta's Guaranteed Gateway dramatically simplifies merchant operations by pairing secure payment processing with guaranteed fraud prevention.

This single-point solution provides complete security, fulfills all payments needs and supports multi-currency transactions across a broad array of processors.

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Payment Acquiring Acquiring

Vesta's Guaranteed Acquiring solution integrates all settlement, fraud prevention and risk management operations in a single solution to simplify and future-proof enterprises against evolving payment challenges.

This comprehensive approach enables merchants to focus on core business needs while seamlessly scaling with growth.

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We eliminate fraud and protect your revenue so you can focus on your business. Request a demo to learn how.