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Our resources provide actionable insights to help merchants eliminate fraud liability, maximize acceptance, and grow ecommerce revenue in the most cost-effective way.

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The predicted increase in card-not-present (CNP) fraud as e-commerce volume grows will create new challenges for merchants. Our infographic identifies five top priorities that merchants should address now to remain successful.

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More than 32% of chargebacks are a result of third-party fraud. Our infographic provides five recommendations to start fighting chargebacks today.

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Managing the risk of fraud has become a critical bottomline challenge for every ecommerce merchant. Our eBook explains the benefits of KPIs for ecommerce retailers and provides actionable insights for using performance indicators to cut losses from fraud.

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Ecommerce merchants are currently facing unprecedented rates of fraud. Our eBook explains what's fueling the crisis in unauthorized transactions, and provides actionable insights that merchants can use to cut their losses.

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Download, install, and configure our extensions in your ecommerce platform to quickly enable Vesta's fraud solutions.

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Calculate your potential fraud savings, increased sales, and annual benefit to find out what working with Vesta can do for your business.

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