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The industry’s only scalable suite of fraud and payment solutions

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No matter what fraud or acquiring challenges you face, Vesta has a solution to meet your needs. From guaranteed payments on e-commerce transactions to payment gateways to a fully-integrated acquiring and fraud solution, we offer the most comprehensive solution set available to merchants today.


The result: Solutions that eliminate fraud costs by guaranteeing funds on all accepted transactions. In addition, Vesta can also help merchants lower operational expenses, reduce head count and improve performance—with unlimited scalability that grows along with your business.

Vesta vGuaranteed

Guaranteed Payments for E-Commerce

vGuaranteed™ features simple, single API integration for turnkey payments and fraud prevention. It’s the only solution designed to guarantee funds for web-based CNP payments and eliminate chargebacks related to third-­party fraud and unauthorized charges.

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Guaranteed Payments for Enterprise

vAdvanced™ guarantees payments and eliminates fraud to drive revenue through an optimized customer experience across all CNP payment channels.

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Global Clients

For over two decades, Vesta has guaranteed payments and prevented fraud for the world’s largest consumer brands.