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Guaranteed Payments

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E-Commerce Fraud Protection

Vesta’s Guaranteed Payments guarantees funds for all accepted CNP transactions with zero liability for fraud and chargebacks. Leveraging decades of experience in supporting billions of payments, our core solution is proven to drive revenue for the world’s largest brands.

Complete Visibility to Merchant Payment Operations

Guaranteed Payments offers merchants rapid integration via drop-in SDKs in popular development languages and supports hosted shopping cart plug-ins. Combined with the support of a Vesta relationship manager, the solution delivers real-time graphical and tabular reporting of all transactional data via a customizable portal.

Key Features

  • 100% guaranteed payments for accepted transactions
  • Leverages Vesta’s proprietary risk database to deliver real-time fraud decisioning and protection
  • Zero chargebacks, fines or fees related to third-party fraud and unauthorized charges

  • Drop-in SDKs enable rapid deployment
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