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Guaranteed Acquiring

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Fraud Prevention + Acquiring

Vesta’s premier Guaranteed Acquiring solution encompasses merchant processing and settlement, fraud prevention and chargeback management. This comprehensive approach to risk and payments enables merchants to focus on core business needs while seamlessly scaling with growth.

Eliminates Fraud While Increasing Acceptance and Revenue

The industry’s only single-source acquiring solution with fully integrated fraud protection, Guaranteed Acquiring is the solution of choice for enterprises — one that improves financial performance through increased acceptance and lower operational costs, and “future proofs” merchants against evolving payment, technology and regulatory challenges.

Key Features

  • 100% guaranteed payments for accepted transactions
  • Leverages Vesta’s proprietary risk database to deliver real-time fraud decisioning and protection
  • Zero chargebacks, fines or fees related to third-party fraud and unauthorized charges

  • The industry’s leading fraud and payment solution for multi-channel CNP transactions
  • Reduces burdens of PCI and Reg-E compliance
  • Billing system integration and reconciliation
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