The industry's only "one-stop shop" for fraud and payments

Leveraging proprietary global customer data and patented fraud technologies to maximize merchant revenue and security.

We've driven the development of the industry's only end-to-end payment and fraud management solutions for enterprise merchants. With a database of more than 100 million unique customers, Vesta offers merchants an entirely new competitive edge: While a customer may be new to a retailer, that customer isn't new to Vesta.

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Fraud protection services for payment processing


Vesta continually monitors global fraud patterns and trends across clients and industries to identify and stop rapidly evolving threats. Our patented risk management platform builds upon “industry standard” tools by adding analyses of proprietary consortium data from multiple verticals to pre-empt attacks posed by sophisticated fraud rings.


Instead of the traditional approach of tightening acceptance parameters to lower fraud, Vesta's advanced fraud technology assesses transactions in just seconds to reduce friction and maximize the number of payments accepted. By integrating risk management with payment processing, we deliver a seamless experience for merchants and consumers alike. Vesta is only paid on approved transactions, creating a unique fiscal alignment with our customers.

Payment acceptance for fraud protection
Eliminate payment chargeback fines


Chargebacks are a growing and costly burden for merchants. By eliminating chargebacks, fines and fees related to third-party fraud and unauthorized charges, we're able to significantly reduce the operational costs and resources associated with complex chargeback management solutions and the specialized staff necessary for rapid, scalable business growth.

Operational Efficiency

Unlike complex multi-vendor solutions, Vesta's Guaranteed Acquiring offers a comprehensive "one-stop shop" alternative for merchants — removing the need to manage multiple vendor and processing relationships, disparate payment platforms, fraud tools and teams, and engineering resources. It's an approach that lowers cost while increasing operational efficiency and delivering unlimited scalability.

manage multiple vendor and processing relationships
Payment processing positive customer experience ratings

Frictionless Customer Experience

For the last 20 years we have been building, managing, and optimizing multiple channels — web, live agent, IVR, app, text-to-pay, and SMS — for the largest and most demanding brands in the world. In addition to handling all Reg E compliance requirements, we can also customize channel experiences by brand, customer experience, or business objective. When combined, these elements reduce friction in omni-channel shopping to decrease abandonment, drive sales, and increase brand loyalty.

PCI and Tokenization

As one of the very first companies to be certified as PCI compliant, Vesta has been a pioneer in security standards for nearly a decade. Our scalable solution set offers different levels of protection, ranging from fully hosted and managed channels that significantly reduce the scope of PCI regulations to advanced, real-time tokenization technology that can mitigate the burdens of compliance through a versatile, scalable, secure, easy-to-integrate SDK solution.

PCI compliant payment processing
We eliminate fraud and protect your revenue so you can focus on your business. Request a demo to learn how.