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Your customers’ security is more important than ever. Here’s how we’re helping e‑commerce brands like yours protect users during COVID-19.


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How to fight fraud with no liability

We bring unparalleled accuracy to payment fraud protection. That's why we can guarantee every approved card-not-present (CNP) transaction. If we’re wrong, the fraud is on us. We eliminate the fear and, most importantly, the cost of chargeback fraud—all with zero risk and zero liability for you.


Process more approved transactions

It’s easy to reduce payment fraud, but doing it without reducing revenue isn’t. We work hard to maximize your approval rate. Vesta’s real-time fraud decisioning and protection allows merchants to enjoy the increased revenue from more approved transactions.


Make loyal customers by getting it right

Merchants know customers expect a fast, intuitive buying experience. Vesta helps those customers get from “place order” to “order confirmed” by reducing false declines.


Future-proof. Repeat.

Payment fraud threats and compliance mandates are always evolving. With Vesta as a partner, managing the risk and liability of CNP fraud is our job. So go ahead and focus on what matters most: actually doing business.


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