Oct 2016

Tom Byrnes on NBC Nightly News: New Chip Tech Leads to Dramatic Rise in Online Credit Card Fraud

Most consumers are now using credit cards with a specialized chip, making them more secure and less prone to theft in stores. But the increased security is leading to an increase in online fraud… Click here to view the video segment.

Oct 2016

Tom Byrnes in The Wall Street Journal: Credit-Card Scammers Flock to Online Shopping

In card-not-present transactions, “no one is standing there to authenticate you…” Click here to read the full article. (WSJ subscription required)

Oct 2016

Tom Byrnes in nbcnews.com: One Year on, Are Chip Cards Effective — Or Just Very Annoying?

It’s not the physical theft of cards that’s the real risk anymore. It’s the massive data breaches… Click here to read the full article.

Jun 2016

Tom Byrnes in PYMNTS: Should Retailers Just Say ‘No’ To Digital Gift Cards?

As consumers continue to move toward a digital option for their gift card needs, could a retailer’s dream turn into an actual nightmare? Click here to read the full article.

Jun 2016

Chris Uriarte in PYMNTS: Payments and Commerce In 2016: Six Months In

So what has the industry learned about payments and commerce in the first six months of 2016? PYMNTS spoke with nine executives across those sectors to get their takes on the year so far. Click here to read the full e-book.

May 2016

Chris Uriarte in PYMNTS: How Cross-Over Data Fights Fraud

Though merchants are taking advantage of newer ways to fight fraud–such as utilizing knowledge sharing and employing advanced fraud solutions–more may be needed to truly outsmart fraudsters. Uriarte tells PYMNTS how consortium data holds the keys to helping all merchants improve their fraud detection capabilities. Click here to […]

Apr 2016

Vesta in CardNotPresent.com: White Paper: New Commerce Trends Lead to New Priorities for Merchants

CNP payments and fraud prevention provider Vesta has identified five priorities every merchant must address. In “Five Challenges Merchants Must Address Now,” Vesta said consumers’ increasing penchant for engaging commerce through different channels is inherently risky, but merchants must be prepared to accept those high-risk payments. Click here to read the full article.

Apr 2016

Vesta in PYMNTS.com: The Five Big Merchant Challenges

Vesta Corp., which focuses on card-not-present (CNP) transactions, has released a new whitepaper titled “5 Challenges Merchants Must Address Now.” The firm said that there have been shifts in consumer preferences in payments, while, at the same time, there are new threats that come with new purchase channels. Click here to read the […]

Mar 2016

Tom Byrnes in MultiChannel Merchant: How Merchants can Mitigate their Ecommerce Fraud Risk

“While sales growth through online channels is a great revenue-generator for retailers, rising operational costs are required to manage ecommerce fraud and chargebacks effectively…” Click here to read the full article.

Jan 2016

Vesta’s chargebacks white paper featured in Wall Street Journal Risk & Compliance Report

“A report from credit card processing firm Vesta Corp. looks at ways retailers can curtail card fraud and cut back on the number of chargebacks they have.” Click here to read the full article.