ZERO Fraud.
ZERO Chargebacks.
ZERO Liability. Guaranteed.

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Guaranteed Payments

Solutions for E-Commerce to Omni-Channel

Eliminates Fraud

Eliminates Fraud

Patented big data
risk management platform

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Increase Acceptance

Increases Acceptance

Real-time decisioning
and approval

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Lowers Operational Costs

Lowers Operational Costs

Single-source for payments
and protection

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Trust Vesta: 

More than 20 years of delivering proven, scalable payment solutions.

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A Merchant’s Guide to Successfully Selling Digital Goods 
Navigating the operational risks of fast fraud

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Tech Docs

The developer’s guide to implementing, testing and validating Vesta’s guaranteed payments platform.


Global Clients

Since 1995, Vesta has partnered with the world’s largest consumer brands including: